Environmental Engineering, Bachelor of Science College of Engineering

Environmental engineers are responsible for designing processes and infrastructure to ensure society has access to safe water, clean air, and healthy ecosystems. Environmental engineers apply knowledge from physics, chemistry, biology and the social sciences to problems in a variety of areas including water & wastewater treatment and ecosystem remediation, analysis of chemical fate and transport in the natural environment, and modeling of hydrologic & atmospheric flows. As climate change creates new challenges, such as in the form of droughts and intense weather events, the field of environmental engineering evolves to meet society’s needs. As an environmental engineering student at UC Davis, you will gain skills that enable you to design sustainable solutions for society.

The Environmental Engineering major started in 2017 and was accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET in 2022.

Students are encouraged to adhere carefully to all prerequisite requirements. The instructor is authorized to drop students from a course for which stated prerequisites have not been completed. Exclusive of General Education units, the minimum number of units required for the Environmental Engineering major is 142 (75-80 units in lower division and 63-71 units in upper division).

Lower Division Required Courses
MAT 021ACalculus4
MAT 021BCalculus4
MAT 021CCalculus4
MAT 021DVector Analysis4
MAT 022ALinear Algebra3
MAT 022BDifferential Equations3
CHE 002AGeneral Chemistry5
CHE 002BGeneral Chemistry5
CHE 008AOrganic Chemistry: Brief Course2
PHY 009AClassical Physics5
PHY 009BClassical Physics5
Choose GEL 050 & GEO 050L or ATM 060:4-5
Physical Geology
and Physical Geology Laboratory
Introduction to Atmospheric Science
ENG 006Engineering Problem Solving4
or ECS 032A Introduction to Programming
Biological Sciences
BIS 002AIntroduction to Biology: Essentials of Life on Earth5
ENG 003Introduction to Engineering Design4
or ENG 003Y Introduction to Engineering Design
ENG 035Statics4
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Choose 6-10 units:6-10
Civil & Environmental Infrastructure & Society 1
Spatial Data Analysis
Introduction to Environmental Engineering
Lower Division Composition/Writing; choose one; a grade of a C- or better is required4
Major Works of the Ancient World
Major Works of the Medieval & Early Modern World
Major Works of the Modern World
Major Works of the Contemporary World
Introduction to Literature
Introduction to Literature
Introduction to Native American Literature
Introduction to Academic Literacies (Recommended)
Introduction to Academic Literacies: Online (Recommended)
Introduction to Academic Literacies (Recommended)
Lower Division Required Courses Subtotal75-80
Upper Division Required Courses
MIC 102Introductory Microbiology3
ENG 106Engineering Economics4
Civil & Environmental Engineering
ECI 100Introduction to Fluid Mechanics for Civil & Environmental Engineers4
ECI 114Probabilistic Systems Analysis for Civil & Environmental Engineers4
ECI 115Computer Methods in Civil & Environmental Engineering4
ECI 123Urban Systems & Sustainability4
ECI 140AEnvironmental Analysis of Aqueous Systems4
ECI 140BChemical Principles for Environmental Engineers4
ECI 140DWater & Wastewater Treatment System Design (Discontinued)4
ECI 141Engineering Hydraulics3
ECI 141LEngineering Hydraulics Laboratory1
ECI 144Groundwater Systems Design4
ECI/ATM 149Air Pollution (Discontinued)4
ECI 193ACivil & Environmental Engineering Senior Design 4
ECI 193BCivil & Environmental Engineering Senior Design4
Choose one:4
Deterministic Optimization & Design
Water Resources Engineering Planning
Choose one:4
Engineering Hydrology
Hydraulic Structure Design
Water Resources Simulation
Deterministic Optimization & Design
Water Resources Engineering Planning
Selected Topics in Civil Engineering: Environmental Engineering
Selected Topics in Civil Engineering: Hydraulics & Hydrologic Engineering
Selected Topics in Civil Engineering: Water Resources Engineering
Selected Topics in Civil Engineering: Water Resources Planning
Directed Group Study 3
Special Study for Advanced Undergraduates 3
Civil & Environmental Engineering (ECI) Electives
4 units of Upper Division ECI electives are required. 20-4
Upper Division Composition Requirement
Choose one; a grade of C- or better is required:0-4
Advanced Composition
Advanced Composition
Advanced Composition
Writing in the Disciplines: Engineering
Writing in the Disciplines: Environmental Writing
Writing in the Professions: Business Writing
Writing in the Professions: Business Writing
Writing in the Professions: Business Writing
Writing in the Professions: Science
Writing in the Professions: Technical Writing
Passing the Upper Division Composition Exam.
Upper Division Required Courses Subtotal63-71
Total Units142-146

ECI 003 is designed for lower division students and is not open to upper division students; students who do not take this course will substitute 4 units of additional letter graded upper division Civil & Environmental Engineering (ECI) coursework; see Civil & Environmental Engineering.


If ECI 003 was not completed in the Lower Division requirements.


Up to 4 units.