Clinical Research, Master of Advanced Studies School of Medicine

Graduate Study

The Graduate Group in Clinical Research (GGCR) is an interdisciplinary graduate group in clinical and translational research offering a Master of Advanced Study degree in Clinical Research. The GGCR provides a solid clinical/translational, patient-oriented research foundation for junior faculty, clinical and post-doctoral fellows, medical students, and other health professionals interested in clinical research. The program centers around three core elements: didactic instruction, mentored research, and the capstone project.

The M.A.S. degree requirements include a core intensive curriculum and depends on a cohesive cohort model that provides access to collaborate with researchers across multiple disciplines. Students graduate with the skills necessary to design, conduct, and analyze translational research studies, and to interpret, apply and disseminate research findings. Instruction begins with two summer courses which are followed by a one- or two-year core curriculum plan. Electives can be tailored to best meet each scholar’s career development needs.

Degree Offered

M.A.S. Plan II; Degree Requirements