Comparative Literature, Doctor of Philosophy College of Letters & Science

Graduate Study

The Comparative Literature Program offers the Ph.D. degree with a strong emphasis on individual research under the supervision of a faculty member. Candidates for the Ph.D., in addition to research of a comparative nature, study three literatures (one of which may be English and/or American) in the original languages, acquiring an extensive knowledge of the overall development of one. Students may choose to focus on a special topic instead of on a third literary tradition.

Within this framework, each student's program is tailored to individual interests, and may center on a major historical period, such as the Renaissance or the modern age; a genre, such as lyric poetry, epic, drama, or the novel; or any other special emphasis approved by the Graduate Advisor.


For admission to the Ph.D. Program candidates should have an undergraduate major in literature and reading ability in three foreign languages. The Group requires three letters of recommendation and a sample of recent written work. GRE scores are not required.

Graduate Advisor

Consult the graduate advising office.