Computational Social Science, Designated Emphasis College of Letters & Science

Martin Hilbert, Ph.D., Chairperson of the Program

Program Office

Communication; 370 Kerr Hall; 530-752-3464; Computational Social Science; Faculty

Graduate Study

Computational social science provides scholars with the tools to deepen the understanding of long–standing questions in the social sciences, as well as explore new ones. The DE in Computational Social Science is both interdisciplinary in terms of requiring foundations in computational methods, data analysis, and social science theory, and it is multidisciplinary in terms of blurring the traditional boundaries between disciplines in the social sciences. This DE allows students with computational and mathematical skills to deepen their understanding of social science theory and to study unanswered social science research questions; and it allows students from the social sciences to improve their analytical skills in areas like big data analysis, computer simulations, network analysis and machine learning.

Graduate Advisor

Consult Communication Program office.