Global Nutrition, Designated Emphasis

Reina Engle-Stone, Ph.D., Chair

Program Office

3253 Meyer Hall; 530-752-1992; Global Nutrition DE; Faculty

Graduate Study

The Institute for Global Nutrition coordinates specialized course work and research leading to the Designated Emphasis in Global Nutrition for students in various graduate programs. The program focuses on both theoretical and practical issues concerning the identification, treatment, and prevention of human nutritional problems in low-income countries and in disadvantaged groups in the United States. Students enrolled in the Designated Emphasis are expected to (1) complete the course requirements already established by their respective graduate programs, (2) participate in a weekly advanced seminar in international and community nutrition, (3) complete additional core courses in international nutrition (NUT 219A, NUT 219B, NUT 258) and selected courses in the related disciplines of epidemiology, statistics, and social and behavioral sciences, and (4) conduct their dissertation research on a relevant topic under the supervision of a professor who is a member of the Institute for Global Nutrition.

Students enrolled in a doctoral program at UC Davis are eligible to apply for the Designated Emphasis. Upon graduation, students receive a Ph.D. in their major field, with specific recognition for the Designated Emphasis in Global Nutrition.

Graduate Advisor

Contact the Program office.