Chinese, Minor College of Letters & Science

A minor is offered in Chinese for students wishing to follow a formally recognized program of study in Chinese language and literature. For the minor, students may take one (regular, letter-graded) course on a P/NP basis. Courses that are only offered on a P/NP basis do not count toward these limits.

All upper division CHN courses, including both language courses and literature in translation courses, may be used to meet this requirement. 20
One approved lower division course may also be used:
Introduction to Chinese Language & Culture
Modern Chinese Literature (In English)
Great Books of China (in English)
Introduction to the Literature of China & Japan
In addition, students must demonstrate their language proficiency, normally through completion of:
Accelerated Written Chinese III
Intermediate Chinese
Only 4 units from the following may be applied to the minor:
Chinese Internship
Tutoring in Chinese
Directed Group Study
Special Study for Advanced Undergraduates
For details, consult the undergraduate advisor.
Total Units20