Education, Minor School of Education

Dr. Lawrence (Torry) Winn, J.D., M.Div., Ph.D., Program Chair; term ends June 30, 2024

530-752-8258; School of Education; Faculty

Program Coordinator

Tracy Falk, M.A.
530-752-2367; Advising

The UC Davis School of Education is committed to developing informed citizens and advocates for equitable educational environments in a democratic society. Education courses are designed for undergraduate student from all majors.

A Minor in Education helps students:

  • Develop an understanding of the issues and concerns of public and private education, especially with regard to the education of students with diverse learning needs.
  • Complete prerequisites for the teaching credential program.
  • Work towards a master's degree or doctoral degree in education or related field.
  • Seek employment in policy, advocacy, or other education-related careers.


Students must complete 20 units in the Minor program in Education. At least 12 units of the 20-unit minimum for the minor must be in Education. The remaining units for the minor may be in education or a related field as approved on the electives list. See About the Education Minor.

Minor Advisors

A designated faculty member in the School of Education may advise students and give final approval on the minor. For additional information, contact Student Services.

Upper Division Required Courses
EDU 100Introduction to Schools 14
EDU 110Educational Psychology: General4
EDU 120Philosophical & Social Foundations of Education4
Upper Division Required Courses Subtotal12
Elective Courses
Not all courses in the list are 4 units.
Remaining 8 units may be:8
Quantitative Methods in Educational Research
Educating Children with Disabilities
Use & Misuse of Standardized Tests
Introduction to Education Policy Analysis: Tools, Methods & Frameworks
Children, Learning & Material Culture
Issues in Higher Education
Introduction to Environmental Education
Anglos, Latinos, & Spanish Black Legend: Anti-Hispanic Prejudice Origins & Educational Implications
Cultural Diversity & Education in a Sociopolitical Context
History & Approaches to Multilingualism in K-12 Contexts
Academic Spanish for Bilingual Teachers
Languaging in Chicanx & Latinx Communities & Schools
Ethnic Studies in K-12 Schools
Guidance & Counseling (Discontinued)
Language Development
Teaching in Science & Mathematics 1
Teaching High School Mathematics & Science 1
Learning in a Digital Age: Information, Schooling, & Society
Internship 2
Directed Group Study 2
Special Study for Advanced Undergraduates 2
Elective Courses Subtotal8
Approved Courses Outside of Education
Education in the African-American Community
Concepts in Agricultural & Environmental Education 1
The Lives of Children in America
Science Teaching Internship Program 2
Science Teaching Internship 2
Chicana/o Feminist Theoretical Understandings of K-20 Educational Disparities
Grassroots Community Activism & Mobilization Efforts Challenging Educational Inequity
Policy & Law Challenging Segregation & Educational Inequity
Political Economy of Chicana/o Communities
Internship in the Chicana/Chicano/Latina/Latino Community 2
Economics of Education
Conceptual Integrated Science for Non-Science Majors: The Physical World
Conceptual Integrated Science for Non-Science Majors: Earth System Science
Infancy & Early Childhood
Infancy & Early Childhood
Middle Childhood & Adolescence
Cognitive Development
Language Development
Second Language Learning & Teaching
Tutoring Mathematics in the Community 2
Human Learning & Memory
Language & Cognition
Cognitive Development
Science & Contemporary Societal Issues
Education & Inequality in the U.S.
Applied Spanish Linguistics
Teaching Spanish as a Native Tongue in the U.S.: Praxis & Theory
Writing in the Professions: Elementary & Secondary Education
Community Tutoring in Writing 2
Approved Courses Outside of Education Subtotal0
Total Units20

EDU 181 and EDU 183-4 units or AED 100-3 units may serve as course substitutes for EDU 100; if EDU 100 is taken, EDU 181, EDU 183 and/or AED 100 may not be taken as electives.


Internship (192, 195A or B, 195TC, 197TC), Group Study (198) and Independent Study (199), or a combination of both, may not exceed a total of 4 units. Elective courses may include only one internship.