Environmental Policy Analysis & Planning, Minor College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

The faculty for environmental policy analysis & planning offers the following minor. The Environmental Policy Analysis & Planning minor is for natural and social science students desiring basic training in policy analysis theory and methods.

Minor Advisor

G. Arnold (Environmental Science & Policy)

Basic course in political science.
ECN 001APrinciples of Microeconomics4
or ECN 001AV Principles of Microeconomics
or ECN 001AY Principles of Microeconomics
Total Units4
Environmental Policy Analysis & Planning
ESP 001Environmental Analysis4
ESP 160The Policy Process4
ESP 161Environmental Law4
ESP 168AMethods of Environmental Policy Analysis5
Choose two:6-8
Energy & Environmental Aspects of Transportation
Climate Policy
Ocean & Coastal Policy
Energy Policy
Methods of Environmental Policy Evaluation
Water Policy & Politics
Urban & Regional Planning
Public Lands Management
Environmental Impact Assessment
Total Units23-25