Environmental Toxicology, Minor College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

Environmental Toxicology explores the effects of toxicants (synthetic & naturally occurring) on the normal biochemical, cellular and physiological functioning of biological systems. The minor enhances your understanding of the fate and impact of chemicals in the environment and your appreciation of the complex responses of biological systems when challenged by them.

Lead Faculty Advisor

Michele La Merrill

Environmental Toxicology Minor Advisor

Erica Cefalo

Advising Center is located in 1086 Academic Surge. Contact the Academic Program Advisor at 530-754-9796.

ETX 101Principles of Environmental Toxicology4
ETX 102AEnvironmental Fate of Toxicants4
ETX 103ABiological Effects of Toxicants4
Choose two; 6 units minimum:6-14
Environmental & Nutritional Factors in Cellular Regulation & Nutritional Toxicants
Perspectives in Aquatic Toxicology
Environmental Stress & Development in Marine Organisms
Food Toxicology
Role & Applications of Toxicology in Modern Industry
Environmental Toxicology of Air Pollutants
Health Risk Assessment of Toxicants
Legal Aspects of Environmental Toxicology
Exposure & Dose Assessment
Total Units18-26