Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies, Minor College of Letters & Science

The Minor

The minor in Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies provides an interdisciplinary understanding that the social production of gender is inseparable from that of race, sexuality, class, nationality, ability and other categories of difference. Our curriculum places feminist concerns within a transnational context, while respecting the need for geographic and historical specificity. These frameworks inform our teaching, our research, our institutional & community practices, and the principles we bring to our classrooms. Gender, Sexuality, & Women’s Studies offers a wide range of classes that use the lens of gender to examine colonialism and post colonialism, globalization, history, sexuality, queer theory, literature, popular culture, feminist video production, area studies, film fashion and food.

Minor Advising

 Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies Advising is located at 1200 Hart Hall; or 530-752-6429.

Choose one:4
Introduction to Critical Gender Studies (Required)
Choose any five upper division Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies (GSW) courses.20
Total Units24