Russian, Bachelor of Arts College of Letters & Science

The Russian major introduces students to a culture rich in art, music, theater, film, language, and literature. The major offers an opportunity to learn skills needed to enter the fields of foreign affairs, world politics, and international trade, or to begin graduate work in literature, history, cultural studies and international relations.

The Program

The major program instructs students in speaking, understanding, reading, and writing the Russian language. The program also acquaints students with the intellectual and cultural contributions of the Russian world through the study of its literature, traditions, and institutions.

Internships & Career Alternatives

Russian majors may participate in internships where they can serve as translators and interpreters for schools and business firms throughout Northern California. Upon graduation, many Russian majors enter the business world or enter graduate programs in Slavic studies and international relations. The program encourages students to supplement their Russian studies with courses in related fields such as international relations, political science, computer science, cultural studies, or economics in order to maximize their career possibilities.

Honors & Honors Program

The honors program comprises at least one quarter of study under course 194H, which will include a research paper. For details, consult the major advisor.

Study Abroad

Students who have completed one or two years of  Russian language study can participate in the Education Abroad Program (EAP) in Moscow. Many of our students also participate in summer, semester, and yearlong programs sponsored by CIEE and ACTR in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Prerequisite Credit

Credit normally will not be given for a course if that course is the prerequisite for a course already completed.

Course Placement

Students who have learned Russian at home must consult the department for placement instructions. Students with two years of Russian in high school normally continue in RUS 002; those with three years, RUS 003; those with four years, RUS 004.

The major requirements below are in addition to meeting University Degree Requirements & College Degree Requirements; unless otherwise noted. The minimum number of units required for the Russian Bachelor of Arts is 36.

Preparatory Subject Matter
Choose 0-27 units:0-27
Elementary Russian
Elementary Russian
Elementary Russian
Intermediate Russian
Intermediate Russian
Intermediate Russian
OR the equivalent.
Preparatory Subject Matter Subtotal0-27
Depth Subject Matter
RUS 101AAdvanced Russian4
RUS 101BAdvanced Russian4
RUS 101CAdvanced Russian4
Choose one:4
Russian Composition
Literary Translation
Advanced Russian Conversation
Additional upper division units chosen in consultation with advisor from the following selection of Literature and Culture courses taught in Russian and English.20
Topics in Russian Literature & Culture
19th-Century Russian Literature
20th-Century Russian Literature
The Russian Theater
Russian Film
Contemporary Russian Culture
Post-Soviet Literature
Dostoevsky (in English)
Tolstoy (in English)
Women in Russian Culture
Chekhov (in English)
Russian Culture
The elective upper division courses in English can be satisfied in part by one or more courses in History, Political Science, Comparative Literature and other departments after consultation with, and prior approval of, the major advisor.
The total of 36 upper division units may include units earned in the Education Abroad Program.
Depth Subject Matter Subtotal36
Total Units36-63