Business Analytics, Master of Science Graduate School of Management

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The Graduate School of Management Master of Science in Business Analytics program will allow you to build competencies in analytics, data, business and practice and prepare you to be an innovative leader in this data-driven era. Advance your career by acquiring expertise in one of the most coveted skillsets in today’s, modern business environment—business analytics.

Core Competencies


Build your business skills for achieving organizational impact through leadership, strategic thinking, communication and project management. 


Build your data skills as you learn core methods for acquiring, storing, handling and representing data.


Analytics is the discovery, interpretation and communication of meaningful patterns of data. Build your skills in core statistical and computational techniques such as data modeling, databases, regression, data mining, machine learning and operations research methods.


Our program will give you hands-on experience working with and implementing analytic projects in a business environment. Under the direction of program faculty and in small student teams, you will learn analytics by navigating the complete project lifecycle on business problems drawn from real industry data.

H. Rao Unnava, Ph.D., Dean
Ashwin Aravindakshan, Ph.D., Academic Director
James T. Kelly, M.B.A., Assistant Dean for Finance & Administration

School Office

Gallagher Hall; 530-752-7658; Master of Science in Business Analytics; Faculty

The UC Davis Master of Science in Business Analytics program is designed to prepare you to thrive as an innovative leader in the digital economy.