Master of Management, Online Master of Management Graduate School of Management

H. Rao Unnava, Ph.D., Dean
H. Rao Unnava, Program Chair
David Woodruff, Ph.D., Associate Dean
Amy Russell, M.B.A, Senior Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
James T. Kelly, M.B.A., Assistant Dean for Finance & Administration

School Office

Gallagher Hall; 530-752-7658; Master of Management; Online Master of ManagementFaculty

Management Master of Management

Master of Management program from the University of California, Davis, is designed for recent undergraduates and early-career professionals. In nine months, you can graduate with fundamental leadership skills, a custom-tailored career roadmap and access to corporate connections across Northern California and beyond.

Online Master of Management 

The Online Master of Management from the University of California, Davis, is the first of its kind at a University of California management school. It offers early career professionals, recent undergraduates and career changers with a pathway to leadership roles in business. Students gain the knowledge, skills and network you need to jumpstart your business career in only 15 months.

Academics & Curriculum

Modeled after UC Davis’ highly regarded MBA program, the Master of Management curriculum equips you with a strong foundation in the functional areas of business, such as accounting, economics, finance, marketing and strategy. 

Powerful Connections

Through a collaborative learning environment, you will build strong connections with globally ranked professors and motivated students who will know you by name and work with you to meet your educational and professional goals.

  • Guidance from research faculty and instructors who are diverse thought leaders.
  • A focus on innovation, hands-on experience and trailblazing research.
  • In the final quarter of the program, you will need to pass a comprehensive examination that tests your mastery of the course material as well as your ability to synthesize learning across key subject areas.