Health Informatics, Master of Science Graduate Studies

Graduate Study

The Master's degree program seeks to train the next generation of researchers, clinicians and leaders to advance the science of Health Informatics. Successful applicants have backgrounds in health, biology, technology, computer or information science, and are enthused to develop new knowledge, systems and models that can improve health and be translated into practice.

The program of study provides research-oriented applied and theoretical training that spans the use of computer systems and information organization in medicine today, including methods for clinical data acquisition, data modeling, and interoperability, to design and evaluation of representations of clinical and personal data in hospital and consumer environments. The program emphasizes the development and application of new methods that leverage the electronic medical record and advance computer-aided decision support. A research project and thesis are mandatory degree requirements.


The Group encourages applications from clinicians, healthcare IT professionals, recent graduates and researchers who have had experience and interest in the access, linkage and knowledge generation from healthcare data.

Clinical Professionals

Demonstrated through a completed baccalaureate or higher-level coursework, work experience, or clinical focus:

  1. Successful completion of Clinical Education.
  2.  Working experience in digital health technology, ideally through computer or information science and programming.

Healthcare Information Technology Professionals

Demonstrated through completed baccalaureate, or higher-level coursework, and aligned professional experience:

  1. Working experience in Healthcare IT, biotechnology, public health or similar experience.
  2. Knowledge and enthusiasm in the study of Human health, ideally with disease or system-specific expertise.
  3. Knowledge of clinical or medical systems or data representations.

Recent Graduates

Demonstrated through a completed baccalaureate or higher-level coursework:

  1. Knowledge and expertise in biology, pre-health studies, socio-technology studies, information science and/or computer science.


Demonstrated through completed coursework, baccalaureate or higher degrees, personal research experience:

  1. Applied background in computer science, information science, data science, biology or related field.
  2. Domain experience in health information or biology research.

Graduate Advisor

Mark Carroll (Public Health Sciences)