Aging & Adult Development, Minor College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

The Department of Human Ecology offers two minors: Aging & Adult Development & Human Development.

Minor Advisor

Lisa Miller; see academic advisor Galyna Erdman in 1331 Hart Hall.

Choose three:12-14
Adulthood & Aging
Field Studies of the Elderly
Social Aspects of Aging
Technology Use, Health, & Aging
Cognitive Neuropsychology in Adulthood & Aging
Choose two:6-8
Families in Communities
Families in Communities
Family Stress & Resilience
Social Relationships Across the Lifespan
Thriving Across the Lifespan
Stress, Adversity & Resilience
Stress, Adversity & Resilience
Disparities & Inequalities in Health & Wellbeing
Health Behaviors Across the Lifespan
Contextual Determinants of Health
Exercise & Aging in Health & Disease
Hormones & Behavior
Health Psychology
Total Units18-22