Geographic Studies, Minor College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences


The minor in Geographic Studies is defined by its concern with place. Geographers strive to answer spatial questions regarding the Earth’s surface; to describe and explain the character of regions; to ascertain the ways in which historical and contemporary humans have used and shaped the Earth’s surface; and to understand the interactions of physical, biotic, and human systems within our global environment. The minor is compatible with a variety of environmental majors in the college.

The minor is sponsored by the Department of Human Ecology, Landscape Architecture & Environmental Design Program.

Minor Advisor

N. Claire Napawan; see academic advisor Galyna Erdman in 1303 Hart Hall.

LDA 010World Regional Geography3
Choose at least one course from three areas:17
Human Geography
Dynamics of Regional Development
Organization of Economic Space
Rural Change in the Industrialized World
Nutritional Geography
Survey of Ethnicity in the US
African Descent Communities & Culture in Asia
African-American Dance & Culture in the United States, Brazil & the Caribbean
Diaspora & New Black Identities
The Politics of Resources
Race & Ethnicity in Latin America
Hip Hop Culture & Globalization
OR other upper division courses approved by the advisor
Physical Geography
Global Environmental Interactions
Trees & Forests
Biology & Conservation of Wild Mammals
Biology & Conservation of Wild Birds
Biology & Conservation of Fishes
Plant Geography
Coastal Ecosystems
OR other upper division courses approved by the advisor
Methods in Geography
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Aerial Photo Interpretation & Remote Sensing
Environmental Remote Sensing
Concepts & Methods in Geographic Information Systems
Environmental Analysis Using GIS
Other upper division courses approved by the advisor.
Individual Study
Select a maximum of 4 units of 192 (Internship) or 199 (Research) in any appropriate department.
Total Units20