Geographic Studies, Minor College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences


The minor in Geographic Studies is defined by its concern with place. Geographers strive to answer spatial questions regarding the Earth’s surface; to describe and explain the character of regions; to ascertain the ways in which historical and contemporary humans have used and shaped the Earth’s surface; and to understand the interactions of physical, biotic, and human systems within our global environment. The minor is compatible with a variety of environmental majors in the college.

The minor is sponsored by the Department of Human Ecology, Landscape Architecture & Environmental Design Program.

Minor Advisor

S. E. Greco; see staff advisor Sharla Cheney, 135 Hunt Hall.

LDA 010World Regional Geography3
Choose at least one course from three areas:17
Human Geography
Dynamics of Regional Development
Organization of Economic Space
Rural Change in the Industrialized World
Nutritional Geography
Survey of Ethnicity in the US
African Descent Communities & Culture in Asia
African-American Dance & Culture in the United States, Brazil & the Caribbean
Diaspora & New Black Identities
The Politics of Resources
Race & Ethnicity in Latin America
Hip Hop Culture & Globalization
or other upper division courses approved by the advisor
Physical Geography
Global Environmental Interactions
Trees & Forests
Trees & Forests
Biology & Conservation of Wild Mammals
Biology & Conservation of Wild Birds
Biology & Conservation of Fishes
Plant Geography
Coastal Ecosystems
or other upper division courses approved by the advisor
Methods in Geography
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Aerial Photo Interpretation & Remote Sensing
Environmental Remote Sensing
Concepts & Methods in Geographic Information Systems
Environmental Analysis Using GIS
Environmental Analysis using GIS
Other upper division courses approved by the advisor.
Individual Study
Select a maximum of 4 units of 192 (Internship) or 199 (Research) in any appropriate department.
Total Units20