Sustainable Environmental Design, Bachelor of Science College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

Department of Human Ecology; 1303 Hart Hall; 530-752-1805; Sustainable Environmental Design; Faculty

The Sustainable Environmental Design major is intended to build student understanding and skills related to creation of sustainable communities and landscapes. Coursework emphasizes urban and environmental design, sustainable development theory & practice, green building, local government planning & decision-making, community dynamics & organizations, and written, graphic, and oral presentation of sustainability strategies.

The Program

The Sustainable Environmental Design major is particularly suited for students who are interested in the physical form & design of communities and related public & private processes. It is focused on the physical environment of communities and the process of designing, planning for, and regulating the built landscape and the place-making considerations involved in creating sustainable communities.

Advising Center

See Jana Krezo (Snjezana J Krezo); 530-752-9322; Galyna Erdman (Galyna Erdman); 530-752-2244; Jenniie Nguyen (Jennifer Nguyen); 530-752-4113; Hunter Lazar (Hunter Lazar); 530-752-4866;

Lead Faculty Advisor

N. Claire Napawan

Career Alternatives

Graduates will choose to pursue work in government, community organizations, education, or the private sector. They will also be well-positioned to pursue graduate education in city & regional planning, landscape architecture, architecture, public policy, public administration, law, real estate, and related fields.

Courses in Sustainable Environmental Design

See course listing under Landscape Architecture.

The major requirements below are in addition to meeting University Requirements & College Requirements; unless otherwise noted. The minimum number of units required for the Sustainable Environmental Design Bachelor of Science major is 101.

Preparatory Subject Matter
English Writing/Oral Communication–Also counts toward English Composition Requirement8
One course from ENL 003; UWP 001, UWP 001Y, UWP 001V, UWP 048, UWP 049, UWP 101, UWP 101Y, UWP 101V, UWP 102 series, or UWP 104 series; AND one course selected from the courses not selected above, or from CMN 001; COM 001, COM 002, COM 003, COM 004, or NAS 005.
BIS 002BIntroduction to Biology: Principles of Ecology & Evolution5
Choose one 4-unit course from each area below:20
Political Science
Physical Sciences
LDA 001Introduction to Environmental Design4
LDA 002Place, Culture & Community4
LDA 003Sustainable Development: Theory & Practice 4
LDA 021Landscape Representation I4
LDA 030History of Environmental Design4
LDA 050Site Ecology4
LDA 070Introduction to Spacemaking4
Preparatory Subject Matter Subtotal61
Depth Subject Matter
LDA 140Green Building, Design, & Materials4
LDA 141Community Participation & Design4
LDA 142Applying Sustainable Strategies6
ESP 171Urban & Regional Planning4
LDA 190Proseminar in Landscape Architecture (Two quarters for 2 units total.)2
Depth Subject Matter Subtotal20
Restricted Electives
Choose 20 units of upper division courses chosen from courses related to Community Sustainability.20
Internship; recommended0-5
Restricted Electives Subtotal20-25
Total Units101-106