Human Right Studies, Minor College of Letters & Science

Human Rights Minor

The Human Rights Minor provides students with an opportunity to explore human rights as a critical element of our contemporary world.

Courses in the minor approach human rights as a problem for humanity, policy, advocacy and humanitarian action, as well as a subject for historical, ethical, social scientific and cultural study. Students will examine moments of terrible human rights abuse: genocide, slavery,  colonialism, Apartheid, and sexual and gender-based violence. They will also learn about movements to protect and promote human rights, including the elaboration of the contemporary human rights régime, efforts by international and local non-governmental human rights organizations, and artistic and literary responses to human rights challenges.

The minor is administered by the Human Rights Studies Program.

Program Objectives

In addition to completing HMR 134, students must take three additional Core Courses and one course from the Elective Course list.


Consult the Department office.

HMR 134Human Rights4
Core Courses (12 Units)
Choose three from the following:12
Art, Architecture, & Human Rights
Special Topics in Human Rights
Human Rights in the Middle East
Human Rights, Gender, & Sexuality
Human Rights & the Popular Imagination
Art & Politics of Memory: Truth, Justice, Reconciliation & Human Rights
Human Rights in Latin America
The History of Human Rights in Europe
In addition to the courses listed above, any HMR course between 100-199 will count towards the core course requirement.
Human Rights Studies Subtotal16
Elective Courses (4 Units)
Choose one from the following or seek the approval of the program advisor for an unlisted course that treats a human rights related topic:4
Suggested Electives
Race & Ethnicity in Latin America
Race, Culture & Society in the United States
Anthropology of Development
Slavery, Africa, & the Atlantic World
History of the Holocaust
The Memory of the Holocaust
Women & Gender in Latin American History
Latin American Social Revolutions
History of Sexuality in America
Ethnopolitics of South American Indians
The Politics of Global Inequality
The Political Economy of International Migration
Other Electives
Women & Development
Cultural Dimensions of Globalization
United States-Mexican Border Relations
Postcolonial Africa
American Environmental History
History of Black People & American Race Relations: 1860-Present
Women & Islamic Discourses
Native American Women
Ethnic Self-Determination & International Conflict
Comparative Development: Politics & Inequality
Politics of Africa: Development in Africa
The Constitutional Politics of the Equality
Women in Politics
Latino Politics
Racial Politics
Race Relations
Sociology of the Environment
Gender & Law
Women's Movements in Transnational Perspective
WMS 148
Queer Studies
Gender & Experience of Race
Globalization, Gender & Culture
Gender in the Arab World
Elective Courses Subtotal4
Total Units20