Atmospheric Science, Minor College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences


Minor Program

The minor in Atmospheric Science provides a broad treatment of weather and climate, with the option to focus on such topics as climate change, meteorological instrumentation, and satellite remote sensing. Students undertaking the minor should have completed minimum preparatory course work in calculus and physics (MAT 016A, MAT 016B, and PHY 007A). Some upper division courses in Atmospheric Science have additional prerequisites in calculus and physics (MAT 021A, MAT 021BMAT 021CMAT 021DMAT 022A, and MAT 022B, and PHY 009A, PHY 009B, PHY 009C, and PHY 009D).

Lead Faculty Advisor

Kyaw Tha Paw U

Minor Advisor

Lacole Brooks

ATM 060Introduction to Atmospheric Science4
ATM 110Weather Observation & Analysis4
Choose four upper division courses, with the approval of the minor program advisor: 12-16
Four upper division Atmospheric Science (ATM) courses 1
Three upper division Atmospheric Science (ATM) courses 1
Air as a Resource
Total Units20-24

Excluding ATM 192 or ATM 199.