Watershed Science, Minor College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

Will Horwath, Chairperson
Susan Ustin, Vice Chairperson


The Hydrology Program of the Department of Land, Air & Water Resources offers the minor in Watershed Science. This minor is intended for environmental, natural, or social science students who have an interest in the interfaces between hydrology, ecology, policy and management. The interested student should have completed preparatory course work in calculus (MAT 016B), chemistry (CHE 002A; CHE 002B recommended), physics (PHY 007A), and biology (BIS 002A). Course work in the minor provides fundamental skills and knowledge on the science and management of watersheds in the context of current water resources and ecological problems.

HYD 124Plant-Water-Soil Relationships4
or HYD 151 Field Methods in Hydrology
HYD 141Physical Hydrology4
or ESM 100 Principles of Hydrologic Science
HYD/EBS 144Groundwater Hydrology4-5
or SSC 107 Soil Physics
Soils Science
SSC 100Principles of Soil Science4-5
or SSC 118 Soils in Land Use & the Environment
Choose one:4
Trees & Forests
Choose one:3-4
Water Law
Water Science & Management
Environmental Law
Total Units23-26