Doctor of Jurisprudence School of Law

The University of California Davis School of Law offers a three-year professional curriculum leading to the degree of Juris Doctor. Within a uniquely supportive atmosphere, law students have access to a comprehensive modern law school curriculum taught by a nationally and internationally distinguished faculty. The School offers a full range of traditional law courses, opportunities for practical experience through clinical programs, and in-depth study of an area of law in an individualized program of classroom work, research, writing, or experience in the community. It further provides professional skills training in interviewing and counseling, negotiation and dispute resolution  and trial practice. The School of Law seeks to promote critical evaluation of law and legal institutions in a broad perspective, integrating non-legal disciplines with professional legal education.

UC Davis Law School is fully accredited by the American Bar Association, is a member of the Association of American Law Schools, and has a chapter of the Order of the Coif.

Program of Study

The professional curriculum requires six semesters for completion and extends over a period of three years. It is for full-time students only; no part-time or evening program is offered. New students are admitted only at the beginning of the fall semester.

After satisfactorily completing the professional curriculum of 88 semester units and the required period of resident study, you will receive the degree of Juris Doctor (J.D.). Students who fail to attain satisfactory grades may be required to withdraw from the School at the end of any academic year.

The first year’s work is prescribed and provides the essential foundation for subsequent legal study. Satisfactory completion of the first-year courses is, in all cases, prerequisite to second- and third-year courses.

Concurrent Degree Programs

Individual students may find a concurrent degree involving law and another discipline such as economics, business, sociology, or science advantageous. To support this kind of study, the School, in conjunction with other schools and university departments, has established Concurrent Degree Programs. Under these programs, a student may work toward a J.D. degree and a master’s degree in another discipline at the same time. Students working toward a combined degree are required to spend their first year at the law school.

Normally, a Combined Degree Program will take at least four years. You will usually be able to earn between 6 to 10 semester-hours of law school credit for work in the related discipline and may be able to complete the combined degrees in less time than it would take to earn the two degrees separately. The first year of the Concurrent Degree Program must be taken entirely in the School of Law. During the remaining years, course work may be divided between the law school and the related discipline. You must satisfy the admission requirements for both programs and file applications with both units.

Students have pursued degree programs in combination with UC Davis departments for the M.A. degree in economics, philosophy, computer science, and sociology, and with the School of Management for the M.B.A. degree. The law school will attempt to work out an additional program if you are interested in other disciplines. You may enroll in the Concurrent Degree Program any time before the beginning of your third year in law school. If you are interested in pursuing a Concurrent Degree Program, and have made a separate application to another school or department, you should notify the School of Law if that application is accepted.