Materials Science & Engineering, Doctor of Philosophy College of Engineering

The Doctoral (Ph.D.) Degree in Materials Science & Engineering

The doctoral degree in Materials Science & Engineering prepares students to solve complex, long-term research problems. Students can expect to graduate in four to five years and to work on a large research project, culiminating in a dissertation. The majority of our doctoral graduates end up in industry careers, usually in research and product development positions. Others go on to careers in academia, either as a postdoctoral researcher or an assistant professor. Students enrolled in the doctoral degree have the option to complete a designated emphasis in biophotonics and bioimaging, biotechnology, and/or nuclear science.

Doctoral students complete two examinations en route to their degrees, the preliminary exam and the qualifying examination, in addition to coursework and a dissertation.

Coursework Requirements

Core Courses25
Elective Courses12
Total Units37

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