Genetics & Genomics, Bachelor of Science College of Biological Sciences

The Genetics & Genomics Major Program

The Genetics & Genomics major provides a broad background in the biological, mathematical, and physical sciences basic to the study of heredity, gene expression and evolution. The major is sufficiently flexible to accommodate students interested in the subject either as a basic discipline in the biological sciences or in terms of its applied aspects such as biotechnology, medicine, and agriculture.

The Program

The upper division curriculum in the Genetics & Genomics program begins with the four-course, upper division core curriculum that provides an introduction to the principles of genetics, biochemistry, and cell biology. Students then take additional upper division courses in specialized areas of modern genetics including gene expression, evolution, development, human genetics and genomics, as well as a laboratory courses in the principles of genetics and genomics. Additional upper division courses in biological sciences, as well as internship/research coursework can be chosen to fulfill required elective units.

Career Alternatives

The Genetics & Genomics degree provides suitable preparation for a wide variety of careers, including teaching, research, work with biotechnology companies, medicine, and all the health sciences. It is also an excellent background for students wishing to continue their education in a graduate program, a teacher-training program, medical school, veterinary school, or other professional schools.

Faculty Advisor

Ted Powers, Ph.D.


Biology Academic Success Center (BASC) in 1023 Sciences Laboratory Building; 530-752-0410.

Graduate Study

See Integrative Genetics & Genomics (Graduate Group).

Preparatory Subject Matter
Biological Science18
Introduction to Biology: Essentials of Life on Earth
and Introduction to Biology: Principles of Ecology & Evolution
and Introduction to Biology: Biodiversity & the Tree of Life
and Introduction to Biology: Principles of Cell Biology & Physiology
Choose the 002 or 004 series: 115
General Chemistry
and General Chemistry
and General Chemistry
General Chemistry for the Physical Sciences & Engineering
and General Chemistry for the Physical Sciences & Engineering
and General Chemistry for the Physical Sciences & Engineering
Choose the 008 series or 118 series or 128 series & 129A-B: 26-13
Organic Chemistry: Brief Course
and Organic Chemistry: Brief Course
Organic Chemistry for Health & Life Sciences
and Organic Chemistry for Health & Life Sciences
and Organic Chemistry for Health & Life Sciences
Organic Chemistry
and Organic Chemistry
and Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry Laboratory
and Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Choose the 017 series or 021 series: 38-12
Calculus for Biology & Medicine
and Calculus for Biology & Medicine
and Calculus for Biology & Medicine
and Calculus
Calculus (Recommended)
Choose the 007 series or 009 series: 412-15
General Physics
and General Physics
and General Physics
Classical Physics
and Classical Physics
and Classical Physics
Preparatory Subject Matter Subtotal59-73
Depth Subject Matter
Biological Science
BIS 101Genes & Gene Expression4
BIS 104Cell Biology3
BIS 105Biomolecules & Metabolism3-6
or BIS 102
BIS 103
Structure & Function of Biomolecules
and Bioenergetics & Metabolism
Molecular & Cellular Biology
MCB 121Advanced Molecular Biology3
MCB 182Principles of Genomics3
Choose one:3-4
Introduction to Evolution
Comparative Genomics
Choose one:3
Advanced Eukaryotic Genetics
Functional Genomics
Choose MCB 160L or BIS 180L:5
Principles of Genetics Laboratory
Genomics Laboratory
Choose STA 100 or 130A & 130B:4-8
Applied Statistics for Biological Sciences
Mathematical Statistics: Brief Course
and Mathematical Statistics: Brief Course
Restricted Electives
Choose at least 9 additional units:9
Comparative Genomics
Functional Genomics
Applied Bioinformatics
Theory & Practice of Bioinformatics
Introduction to Evolution
Population & Quantitative Genetics
Phylogeny, Speciation & Macroevolution
Human Genetic Variation & Evolution
Microbial Phylogenomics; Genomic Perspectives on the Diversity & Diversification of Microbes
Microbial Diversity
Yeast Molecular Genetics
Host-Parasite Interactions
Cancer Biology
Developmental Biology
Human Genetics & Genomics
Developmental Genetics
Advanced Eukaryotic Genetics
Plant Growth & Development
Molecular & Cellular Biology of Plants
Introduction to Plant Breeding
Upper division courses in genetics or other fields relevant to the student's interest chosen in consultation with the GGN master and BASC advisor. No more than 4 units of 192, 193, 194H, 198, or 199 may be used for credit in this category.
Depth Subject Matter Subtotal40-48
Total Units99-121

With BASC advisor approval, these combinations also satisfy the Chemistry requirement: CHE 004A-CHE 002A (3 units with no lab)-CHE 002B-CHE 002C; CHE 004A-CHE 004B-CHE 002C


With BASC advisor approval, this combination also satisfies the Mathematics requirement: MAT 021A-MAT 017B-MAT 017C; MAT 017A-MAT 021B.


Students may be able to complete their Physics requirement by blending the PHY 007 & PHY 009 series. For more details about how to do so and course placement, students will need to follow up with the PHY department. Students will also need to follow up with a BASC advisor to discuss their plans.