Neuroscience, Minor College of Biological Sciences

This minor allows non-NPB majors to learn about the importance of the nervous system. The large breadth of neuroscience courses available includes molecular and cellular neurobiology, developmental neurobiology, neurobiology of addictive drugs and cell signaling in health and disease. Students who obtain a neuroscience minor will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the neurobiological processes in animals and humans.

Faculty Advisors

William DeBello, Ph.D., Lee Miller, Ph.D.


Biology Academic Success Center (BASC) in 1023 Katherine Esau Science Hall (formerly Sciences Laboratory Building); 530-752-0410.

Only one course used to satisfy a requirement for the minor may be applied toward a student’s major.

NPB 100Neurobiology4
Choose a minimum of 14 units:14
Neurobiology Laboratory
Cell Signaling in Health & Disease
Comparative Neuroanatomy
Neural Networks & Machine Learning in Biology
Neural Mechanisms of Behavior
Systems Neuroscience
Mammalian Vision
Neurobiology of Speech Perception
Neurobiology of Addictive Drugs
Physiology of Neuroimmune Interactions
Map Formation in the Brain
Neurobiology of Brain Disorders
One of the following may be completed to reach the unit requirement:
Developmental Psychobiology
Physiological Psychology
Cognitive Neuroscience: The Biological Foundations of the Mind
Neurobiology of Learning & Memory
Philosophy on Mind
Cognitive Neuropsychology in Adulthood & Aging
Total Units18