Community Nutrition, Minor College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

The Department of Nutrition offers three minor programs open to students majoring in other disciplines who wish to complement their study programs with a concentration in the area of food and nutrition.

Minor Advisor

3202 Meyer Hall; 530-752-2512; 530-752-7094

Note: If the student’s major program requires the same course in biochemistry and physiology, only one of the courses may duplicate credit toward the minor. Each program below lists replacement courses to fulfill the minimum unit requirement.

Plan in advance to include the required course prerequisites.
NUT 111AYIntroduction to Nutrition & Metabolism3
NUT 111BRecommendations & Standards for Human Nutrition2
NUT 118Community Nutrition4
NUT 192Internship2
NUT 120ANNutritional Anthropology4
or NUT 120BN Nutritional Geography
NPB 101Systemic Physiology5
Replacement Courses
See note, above.
Developmental Nutrition
Clinical Nutrition
Clinical Nutrition
Clinical Nutrition Practicum
Clinical Nutrition Practicum
Total Units20