Pharmacology & Toxicology, Master of Science College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

Graduate Study

The program, which offers both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees, emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach that combines coursework and experimental training in modern approaches to pharmacological and toxicological problems. Areas of research span fundamental and translational research in a broad spectrum of areas within pharmacology and toxicology, including cardiovascular pharmacology, cancer therapeutics, neuropharmacology, drug discovery and design, neurotoxicology, pulmonary toxicology and environmental toxicology. Students complete core courses in pharmacology and toxicology. Both Plan I and Plan II MS is offered. For detailed information on the program, contact the Group office, graduate advisors, or the Group chairperson.

Graduate Advisors

K. Carraway (Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine), E. Diaz (Pharmacology), H. Knych (Molecular Biosciences), M. La Merrill (Environmental Toxicology), P. Lein (Molecular Biosciences), L. Miller (Anatomy, Physiology & Cell Biology), R. Poppenga (Molecular Biosciences), C. Sweeney (Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine), L. Van Winkle (Anatomy, Physiology & Cell Biology), H. Wulff (Pharmacology), A. Yu (Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine)