Plant Biology, Minor College of Biological Sciences

The Plant Biology minor explores plants and their dynamic means of interacting with the environment. The Plant Biology minor has an 18 unit minimum requirement. Four areas of specialization are offered—(a) Anatomy & Morphology, (b) Physiology & Development, (c) Evolution & Ecology, and (d) Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics—with a small, strategic course selection per area.

Faculty Advisor

Philipp Zerbe, Ph.D.


Biology Academic Success Center (BASC) in 1023 Katherine Esau Science Hall (formerly Sciences Laboratory Building; 530-752-0410.

Only one course used to satisfy a requirement for the minor may be applied toward a student’s major.
Upper division units, including at least one course from each of the following four groups:18
(a) Anatomy & Morphology
Developmental Plant Anatomy
Plant Morphology & Evolution
(b) Physiology & Development
Plant Physiology
Plant Growth & Development
Plant-Virus-Vector Interaction
Fungal Biology & Disease
(c) Evolution & Ecology
Introduction to Evolution
California Floristics (Discontinued)
Systematics & Evolution of Angiosperms (Discontinued)
Plant Ecology
Evolution of Crop Plants
(d) Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics
Principles of Plant Biotechnology
Molecular & Cellular Biology of Plants
Plant Biochemistry
Plant Genetics
Introduction to Plant Breeding
Principles & Practices of Plant Propagation
Biology and Quality of Harvested Crops
Total Units18