Fungal Biology & Ecology, Minor College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

The Fungal Biology & Ecology minor is being discontinued. Contact the minor advisor for current class availability. 

The minor in Fungal Biology & Ecology is for students interested in a concentrated exposure to and knowledge of the fungi and allied organisms.

The minor is sponsored by the Plant Pathology Department.

Minor Advisor

Grace Gomez

Plant Pathology
PLP 130Fungal Biology & Disease3
PLP/PLB 148Introductory Mycology4
PLP 150Fungal Ecology3
Choose 7-9 units:7-9
Food Microbiology
Edible Mushroom Cultivation
Field Identification of Mushrooms
Advanced Mushroom Taxonomy
Advanced Mycology (available to advanced students with consent of instructor)
Mushrooms, Molds, & Society
Soil Microbiology
Total Units17-19