Agricultural Systems & Environment, Minor College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

Advising is located in 1220 Plant & Environmental Sciences; Undergraduate Minors 

Minor Advisor

Plant Sciences Advising;

Preparatory Material
Choose one:4-5
Elementary Statistics
Elementary Statistics
Gateway to Statistical Data Science
Applied Statistics for Biological Sciences
Applied Statistics in Agricultural Sciences
Plant Science
Choose one:4
Botany & Physiology of Cultivated Plants
Completion of BIS requirement. 1
Total Units8-9

Completion of the following fulfills this requirement:

  • BIS 002A
  • BIS 002B
  • BIS 002C
Agricultural Systems & Environment Minor
Choose one of the two following tracks:18-20
Total Units18-20

Sustainable Agriculture Track

PLS 150Sustainability & Agroecosystem Management4
SSC 100Principles of Soil Science5
Choose one:3-5
Concepts in Pest Management
Introduction to Weed Science
Arthropod Pest Management
Choose a minimum of 6 units:6
Forage Crop Production
Biological Applications in Fruit Tree Management
Biological Applications in Fruit Production
Fruit & Nut Cropping Systems
Fruit & Nut Cropping Systems
Total Units18-20

Range & Natural Resources Track

PLS 130Grassland Ecology3
Choose a minimum of 15 units:15
Forage Crop Production
PLS 131
PLS 135
Sustainability & Agroecosystem Management
Ecosystem & Landscape Ecology
Introduction to Field & Laboratory Methods in Ecology
Public Lands Management
Biology & Conservation of Wild Mammals
Wildlife Ecology
Total Units18