War-Peace Studies, Minor College of Letters & Science


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No more than two courses from a single department may be offered in satisfaction of the minor requirements.
Choose one or two from each of the following areas:20
Resistance, Rebellion, & Popular Movements
Women & Development
War & Peace in Literature
Problems in Normative Ethics
Political Philosophy
Scientific Study of War
The Politics of Interdependence
The Politics of Global Inequality
National Security Policy
Racial Politics
Social Conflict
Northern & Western Regions
The Age of Revolution
Russian History: The Rise & Fall of the Soviet Union, 1917 to Present
History of the Holocaust
History of Eastern Europe & the Balkans
History of Germany, 1450 to 1789
History of Germany since 1789
War & Revolution in Europe: 1789-1918
The American Revolution
Civil War Era
War, Prosperity, & Depression: United States, 1917-1945
Native American Ethno-Historical Development
Recent U.S. Foreign Policy
Analysis of U.S. Foreign Policy
Southern & Eastern Regions
Peoples of the Middle East
Ethnology of Southeast Asia
Contemporary Societies & Cultures of Latin America
Latin American Social Revolutions
History of the People's Republic of China
Modern Japan
Ethnopolitics of South American Indians
Comparative Development: Political Development in Modernizing Societies
Total Units20