War-Peace Studies, Minor College of Letters & Science


The interdisciplinary minor in War-Peace Studies examines the causes and dynamics of intra- and international wars and efforts to prevent and settle such conflicts.

Students in the minor are encouraged to participate in the educational activities of the Davis Program of the UC Institute on Global Conflict & Cooperation (IGCC).

The minor is sponsored by the International Relations Major.


International Relations Major; 530-754-8098

No more than two courses from a single department may be offered in satisfaction of the minor requirements.
Choose one or two from each of the following areas:20
Resistance, Rebellion, & Popular Movements
Women & Development
War & Peace in Literature
Problems in Normative Ethics
Political Philosophy
Scientific Study of War
The Politics of Interdependence
The Politics of Global Inequality
National Security Policy
Racial Politics
Social Conflict
Northern & Western Regions
The Age of Revolution
Russian History: The Rise & Fall of the Soviet Union, 1917 to Present
History of the Holocaust
History of Eastern Europe & the Balkans
History of Germany, 1450 to 1789
History of Germany since 1789
War & Revolution in Europe: 1789-1918
The American Revolution
Civil War Era
War, Prosperity, & Depression: United States, 1917-1945
Native American Ethno-Historical Development
Recent U.S. Foreign Policy
Analysis of U.S. Foreign Policy
Southern & Eastern Regions
Peoples of the Middle East
Ethnology of Southeast Asia
Contemporary Societies & Cultures of Latin America
Latin American Social Revolutions
History of the People's Republic of China
Modern Japan
Ethnopolitics of South American Indians
Comparative Development: Political Development in Modernizing Societies
Total Units20