Public Health Sciences, Minor

The Public Health Sciences minor offers undergraduate students a foundation of knowledge for those who plan to enter the field of public health immediately following graduation and for those planning to earn an advanced degree in Public Health or a related field including medicine, nursing, and dentistry.

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SPH 101Introduction to Public Health3
SPH 102Introduction to Human Epidemiology4
SPH 190Topics in Public Health1
Choose (SPH 104 or VME 057V) or SPH 113: 13-4
Globalization & Health: Evidence & Policies
Global Population, Health, & Environment
Health Disparities in the U.S. 1
Choose 8-9 units:8-9
Health & Medicine in a Global Context
Cultural Anthropology
Econometric Theory & Applications
Health Issues Confronting Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders
Probability & Data Science for Biomedical Engineers
Modeling in Biology
Linear Algebra with Applications to Biology
Introduction to Molecular Structure & Spectra
Comparative Health: Top Leading Causes of Death
Women of Color Reproductive Health & Reproductive Politics in a Global Perspective
Chicana/o Community Mental Health
Health Communication
Media & Health
Community Development Perspectives on Environmental Justice
Health Economics
Theory & Practice of Bioinformatics
Principles of Environmental Toxicology
Exposure & Dose Assessment
Exercise & Aging in Health & Disease
Primary Care Clinics
Health Care to Underserved Populations
Environmental Change, Disease & Public Health
Practicum in Community Health Clinic: Bayanihan Clinic (2 units maximum.)
Native American Public Health: Topics & Issues
Introduction to Nutrition & Metabolism
Recommendations & Standards for Human Nutrition
Shifa Clinic Student Volunteer (2 units maximum)
Introduction to Bioethics
One Health: Human, Animal & Environment Interfaces
Health Psychology
Willow Clinic (2 units maximum)
Environmental Change, Disease & Public Health
Global Poverty: Critical Thinking & Taking Action
Society, Culture, & Health
Population Health: Social Determinants & Disparities in Health
Health Policy & Politics
Internship in Community Health
Introduction to Health Economics, Services, Policy, Administration & Management
Intermediate Human Epidemiology
Introduction to Program Planning & Evaluation
History of Epidemiology in Public Health
Introduction to Health Informatics
Health Informatics Systems
Health Issues Confronting Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders
Topics in Public Health (1 unit maximum.)
Internship in Community Health Practice (2 units maximum.)
Study in Community & International Health
Research in Community & International Health
Elementary Statistics
Elementary Statistics
Applied Statistics for Biological Sciences
Sampling Theory of Surveys
Health & Medicine in a Global Context
Directed Group Study (4 units maximum)
Global Population, Health, & Environment
Total Units19-21

If taken prior to Winter 2018 as SPH 105 (2 units; Discontinued), student must take another unit to meet the minor requirement of 20 units total.