Contemporary Leadership, Minor College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences


The Science & Society Program offers a minor in Contemporary Leadership, open to all undergraduate students regardless of major. The minor provides a broad overview of leadership theory and practice, and engages students in critical thinking, self-reflection, problem solving and multicultural education. Students should contact the minor advisor for course selection and plan approval.

Consult advisors often to insure timely enrollment in SAS 192 and SAS 190X only offered in spring quarter once a year.

Minor Advisor

The list of appropriate courses may change over time. To request an advising appointment, consult Elvira Galvan Hack in Science & Society (Plant Pathology).

Core Leadership Courses
SAS 130Contemporary Leadership4
SAS 192Internship in Science & Society (must be taken concurrently with an approved internship for 2 units)2
SAS 190XScience & Society Seminar (2 units required)2
Core Leadership Courses Subtotal8
Preparatory Subject Matter
Students are required to complete 4 units from each of the following four categories; all courses are 4 units except where noted:15-16
Ethics & Values
Ethics of Animal Use
Ethics in an Age of Technology
Freedom of Expression
Problems in Normative Ethics
Ethical Theories
Foundations of Ethics
Genius, Creativity, & Leadership
Communication, Interpersonal Relationships & Human Dynamics
Race, Class, Gender Systems
Organizational Communication
Social Inequality: Issues & Innovations
Language, Gender, & Society
Social Psychology
Social Interaction
The Sociology of Gender
Writing in the Professions: Business Writing
Writing in the Professions: Business Writing
Writing in the Professions: Law
Writing in the Professions: Journalism
Writing in the Professions: Elementary & Secondary Education
Writing in the Professions: Science
Writing in the Professions: Health
Writing in the Professions: Health
Organization Structure & Cultures
Corporate Cultures
Community Development
Social Theory & Community Change
Community Governance
Theories of Organizations & Their Role in Community Change
Social Movements
Complex Organizations
Gender & Law
Multiculturalism, the Global Community & Social Change
The Individual & Community in America
Race, Culture & Society in the United States
Comparative Ethnicity
Topics in Comparative Racial & Ethnic Literary Studies
Becoming an American: Immigration & American Culture
Race, Culture, & Nation
The Politics of Global Inequality
Recent U.S. Foreign Policy
Preparatory Subject Matter Subtotal15-16
Total Units23-24