Statistics, Minor College of Letters & Science

The Program

The Department offers a minor program in Statistics that consists of five upper division level courses focusing on the fundamentals of mathematical statistics and of the most widely used applied statistical methods.

Minor Advisors

For a current list of faculty and staff advisors, see Undergraduate Advising.

Preparatory Coursework; not counted towards minor units
Choose one:
Elementary Statistics
Elementary Statistics
Gateway to Statistical Data Science
Applied Statistics for Biological Sciences
Additional preparatory courses will be needed based on the course prerequisites listed in the catalog. At minimum, calculus at the level of MAT 016C or 017C or 021C is required.
Minor Requirements
STA 106Applied Statistical Methods: Analysis of Variance4
STA 108Applied Statistical Methods: Regression Analysis4
Choose a series:8
Mathematical Statistics: Brief Course
and Mathematical Statistics: Brief Course
Introduction to Probability Theory
and Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
Choose one:4
Advanced Applied Statistics for the Biological Sciences
Applied Statistical Methods: Nonparametric Statistics
Multivariate Data Analysis
Applied Time Series Analysis
Analysis of Categorical Data
Fundamentals of Statistical Data Science
Data & Web Technologies for Data Analysis
Big Data & High Performance Statistical Computing
Statistical Learning I
Statistical Learning II
Sampling Theory of Surveys
Bayesian Statistical Inference
Practice in Statistical Data Science
Total Units20