Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology, Minor College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

The minor in Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology is designed for students interested in basic training and understanding of the ecology and conservation of wild terrestrial and aquatic vertebrates, emphasizing birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and fish, but with relevance and application to all life forms.

Lead Faculty Advisor

Douglas Kelt

WFC 100Field Methods in Wildlife, Fish, & Conservation Biology4
WFC 151Wildlife Ecology4
WFC 154Conservation Biology 4
Choose one:3
Biology & Conservation of Wild Mammals
Biology & Conservation of Wild Birds
Biology & Conservation of Fishes
Choose two-four upper division elective courses from the Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology curriculum; excluding:5-16
Departmental Research Seminar
Museum Science
Field & Laboratory Research
Tutoring in Wildlife & Fisheries
Directed Group Study
Special Study for Advanced Undergraduates
Total Units20-31