Art Studio, Bachelor of Arts College of Letters & Science

The Art Studio major provides the studio experience necessary for a broad understanding of the practice and interpretation of the visual arts.

The Program

The Art Studio program is designed to deliver a broad range of hands-on studio practices to the art major. Areas of focus include painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, ceramics, printmaking, and time-based media. Course choices/sequences are determined by the student according to major distribution requirements. Students are encouraged to explore a broad range of disciplines and are expected to take advantage of beginning classes which provide a critical introduction to the research possibilities within the major, across disciplines. In addition to studio classes, students are encouraged to participate in a distinguished visiting artist lecture series, professional practice seminars, student exhibitions/competitions, internships, and benefit from exposure to cultural events and exhibitions in Davis, Sacramento, and the Greater Bay Area.

Major Advisor

Information on the current Academic Advisor can be obtained by contacting the Art Department main office at 530-752-0105 or Arts Group Advising Center.


While portfolios are not required for admission to the art major, students at all levels are expected to maintain current portfolios of completed work in order to qualify and compete for the numerous internships, fellowships, grants, awards, and exhibitions the program has to offer, as well as to better prepare for the rigors of graduate school and/or an independent studio practice.

Career Options

Graduates of the Art Studio Program attend prestigious post-baccalaureate and graduate programs in studio art. Alumni often go on to develop professional studio practices. Commitment to the development of one's studio work leads to exhibition opportunities as well as accomplishments in the realm of fellowships, commissions, collaborations, and a host of other professional projects and opportunities. For the student wishing to explore additional arts-related trajectories, in the private or public sector, a studio arts education provides a strong foundation for careers and/or graduate work in K-12 art education, art therapy, arts administration, curatorial studies, set design, architecture, culinary arts, design, film, animation, art criticism/journalism among others.

Teaching Credential Subject Representative

See the Teacher Education program.

The major requirements below are in addition to meeting University Requirements & College Requirements; unless otherwise noted. The minimum number of units required for the Art Studio Bachelor of Arts major is 72.

Preparatory Subject Matter
Choose five lower division courses in the practice of art:24-25
Introduction to Studio Art Practice
Beginning Drawing
Beginning Sculpture
Beginning Painting
Beginning Ceramic Sculpture
Beginning Photography
Beginning Printmaking
Beginning Video
Choose one lower division theory or history course:4
Ancient Mediterranean Art
Medieval & Renaissance Art
Baroque to Modern Art
Arts of Asia
Islamic Art & Architecture
Understanding Visual Culture
Understanding Architecture
Contemporary Art Appreciation
Contemporary Art Appreciation
Introduction to Experimental Video & Film
Introduction to Contemporary Visual Culture
Preparatory Subject Matter Subtotal28-29
Depth Subject Matter
40 upper division studio units in Art Studio (ART)40
Choose any one upper division theory or history course:4
Depth Subject Matter Subtotal44
Total Units72-73