Art Studio, Minor College of Letters & Science

The Minor Program

The Art Studio program delivers a broad range of hands-on studio practices to the art minor. Areas of focus include painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, ceramics, printmaking, and time-based media. Course choices/sequences are determined by the student according to minor requirements. Students are encouraged to explore different areas of focus and are expected to take advantage of beginning classes which provide a critical introduction to the research possibilities within studio art. In addition to studio classes, students are encouraged to participate in the department’s distinguished visiting artist lecture series, professional practice seminars, student exhibitions/competitions, internships, and benefit from exposure to cultural events and exhibitions in Davis, Sacramento, and the Greater Bay Area.

Prerequisite courses must be taken prior to enrollment in upper division courses. Independent study courses are not applicable.

Upper division Art Studio courses in two of the following areas:20
Area 1; Painting, Drawing, Printmaking
Advanced Painting: Studio Projects
Advanced Painting: Special Topics
Intermediate Drawing: 3 Dimensions
Advanced Drawing: Studio Projects
Intermediate Printmaking: Relief
Intermediate Printmaking: Intaglio
Intermediate Printmaking: Lithography
Intermediate Printmaking: Screenprinting
Advanced Printmaking
Mexican & Chicano Mural Workshop
Area 2; Sculpture & Ceramic Sculpture
Intermediate Ceramic Sculpture: Industrial Production Methods
Intermediate Ceramic Sculpture: Material Study
Intermediate Ceramic Sculpture: Ceramics & the Painted Surface
Advanced Ceramic Sculpture: Studio Projects
Intermediate Sculpture
Advanced Sculpture: Studio Projects
Advanced Sculpture: Material Explorations
Advanced Sculpture: Concepts
Advanced Sculpture: Metals
Advanced Sculpture: Site Specific Public Sculpture
Advanced Sculpture: Figure
Advanced Sculpture: The Miniature & Gigantic
Area 3; Photography & Video
Intermediate Photography: Black & White Analog
Intermediate Photography: Digital Imaging
Advanced Photography: Special Topics
Advanced Photography: Digital Imaging
Intermediate Video: Animation
Intermediate Video: Experimental Documentary
Intermediate Video: Performance Strategies
Advanced Video & Electronic Arts
Total Units20