Biological Sciences, Bachelor of Arts, Individual College of Biological Sciences

Biology Academic Success Center; 1023 Katherine Esau Science Hall (formerly Sciences Laboratory Building); 530-752-0410.

The Major Program

The Individual Major, an integrated program composed of courses from two or more disciplines. It is designed by the student and is subject to approval by an advisor and appropriate college committees. This major enables a student to pursue a specific interest that cannot be accommodated within the framework of an existing major. It must clearly and specifically meet the student’s educational goals as well as meet university and college academic standards.

Student Proposal

A student who wishes to propose an individual major must submit the proposal to the Committee on Undergraduate Curriculum & Educational Policy (CUCEP) prior to reaching 120 units. It is important for the student to make arrangements to speak with an advisor in the Biology Academic Success Center early in the development of their major as no individual major will be approved after a student has completed 120 units.

Faculty Advisor (Selected By Student)

A faculty member in a department or program in the College of Biological Sciences.


Biology Academic Success Center (BASC) in 1023 Katherine Esau Science Hall (formerly Sciences Laboratory Building); 530-752-0410.

The major requirements below are in addition to meeting University Degree Requirements & College Degree Requirements; unless otherwise noted. The minimum number of units required for the Biological Sciences Individual Bachelor of Arts is 28; total units 180.

Preparatory Subject Matter
Lower division courses basic to the program or needed to satisfy prerequisites for upper division requirements as determined by the Committee on Undergraduate Student Petitions.
Preparatory Subject Matter Subtotal0
Depth Subject Matter
Upper division course work must include:28-42
(a) Choose at least 30 units from courses offered by departments in the College of Biological Sciences.
(b) Additional requirements as determined by the Committee on Undergraduate Student Petitions; see the Biology Academic Success Center for details.
(c) For the B.A. degree, a maximum of 80 units toward the major.
All University, General Education, and College of Biological Sciences Bachelor's degree requirements; variable units.
Depth Subject Matter Subtotal28-42
Total Units28-42

Total Units: 180