Mathematics, Minor College of Letters & Science

The Minor Program

Mathematics is the study of abstract structures, space, change, and the interrelations of these concepts. It also is the language of the exact sciences.

Minor Advisor

For a current list of faculty and staff advisors; see Mathematics Department Advising or contact Student Services.

Choose five upper division courses (20 units total) in Mathematics: 120
Probability & Stochastic Processes with Applications to Biology
Introduction to Abstract Mathematics
History of Mathematics
Convex Geometry
Number Theory
Number Theory
Differential Geometry
Partial Differential Equations: Elementary Methods
Partial Differential Equations: Eigenfunction Expansions
Partial Differential Equations: Green's Functions & Transforms
Ordinary Differential Equations
Ordinary Differential Equations
Mathematical Biology
Real Analysis
Real Analysis
Real Analysis
Numerical Analysis
Numerical Analysis in Solution of Equations
Numerical Analysis in Differential Equations
Fourier Analysis
Mathematical Finance
Stochastic Processes
Euclidean Geometry
Algebraic Combinatorics
Discrete Mathematics
Modern Algebra
Modern Algebra
Modern Algebra
Mathematics & Computers
Applied Linear Algebra
Mathematics for Data Analytics & Decision Making
Special Topics
Complex Analysis
Complex Analysis
Total Units20

Exclusive of MAT 189MAT 192, MAT 194MAT 197TC, MAT 198, MAT 199.