Performance Studies, Doctor of Philosophy College of Letters & Science

Graduate Study

The Ph.D. in Performance Studies is a four-year program. In the first two years of study, students develop an understanding of performance by drawing from a range of regular course offerings in the field to identify, explore, and define a field or fields of research. Students are required to complete four core courses out of five in performance studies, and one colloquium course. Each individual program is then built from seminar and/or practice as research courses, as well as independent or group studies, developing one or more of the four strands of the program: Comparative Medias, Embodiments, Cultures/Ecologies, and History/Text. A wide range of affiliated faculty offer courses throughout the HArCS faculty, and Designated Emphases are available in Studies in Performance & Practice, African American & African Studies, Critical Theory, Feminist Theory & Research, Native American Studies, Religious Studies, Science & Technology Studies, and Writing, Rhetoric & Composition Studies. Students are required to complete a minimum of 60 units before taking the qualifying examination. No more than 12 units may be taken below the graduate level unless specifically approved by the Ph.D. graduate program advisor.

Main Program Advisor

Finn Brunton, Cinema & Digital Media