Managerial Economics, Minor College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

All lower-division preparatory coursework must be completed with minimum C- (or PASS) grades; however, STA 103 must be taken for a letter grade:

All courses to satisfy the minor must be taken for a letter grade and students must attain a minor GPA of at least a C average (2.000). All upper division courses taken toward minor requirements will be calculated as part of the minor GPA, including courses with F grades that have not been repeated.

A total of two upper division courses (maximum 4 units each) may be taken through UC Study Abroad, all other courses must be taken in residence. Students must seek pre-approval from a Managerial Economics staff advisor for any international courses.

ARE 100AIntermediate Microeconomics: Theory of Production & Consumption 14
ARE 100BIntermediate Microeconomics: Imperfect Competition, Markets & Welfare Economics4
ARE 106Econometric Theory & Applications4
Choose 12 units from the following:12
Econometrics for Business Decisions
Fundamentals of Organization Management
Economic Development
Agricultural Markets
Managerial Marketing
International Commodity & Resource Markets
Futures & Options Markets
Farm & Rural Resources Appraisal
Business, Government Regulation, & Society
Agricultural Labor
Operations Research & Management Science
Introduction to Mathematical Economics
Analysis for Operations & Production Management
Emerging Economies & Globalization
Principles of Finance 2
Financial Management of the Firm 3
Capital Markets
Natural Resource Economics
Environmental Economics
Total Units24

Must be completed with a minimum grade of C-.


Formerly ARE 171A Discontinued.


Formerly ARE 171B​ Discontinued.